Commercial stores

Commercial stores are the principal type of Customer
for Pantikoglou Kabosis SA.

Today we are happy to have more than 1.500 commercial stores as active clients in Greece, Central Europe, Africa, Arabia and Cyprus.

We are happy to share with you some of our strong point that we offer:

  • A range of more than 35.000 products in agricultural machinery parts hydraulic systems connections, circuits and cylinders and industrial parts.
  • Speed. We are happy to share with you that 95% orders on non-custom parts are being sent at the same day.
  • Consulting on the development of your range of products of your store.
  • We are happy to offer specialisation to you on the field of hydraulics.
  • Complete store setup and codification on your demands in order to create a high-end hydraulic workshop into your store.
  • We are proud to offer the high-end hydraulic crimper machine Uniflex at the version that fits better to your needs.