Flush fit shares 12″-14″ with holes

SKU: 040303
ΡΚ-8014 Share 12’’ for PATI-PITHAGORA plough
ΡΚ-8015 Share 12’’ for TSANIOU plough
ΡΚ-8016 Share 14’’ for TSANIOU plough 3 holes
ΡΚ-8017 Share 12’’ for SARAPANI plough
ΡΚ-8018 Share 14’’ for SARAPANI plough 3 holes
ΡΚ-8019 Share 12’’ for ARPA plough
ΡΚ-8020 Share 14’’ for ARPA plough
ΡΚ-8021 Share 12’’-14” for GLAVANI plough
ΡΚ-8022 Share for MILONA plough, R
ΡΚ-8023 Share for MILONA plough, L
ΡΚ-8024 Share 12’’ for PESTROFIDI plough
ΡΚ-8025 Flush fit share for KARIOTAKI plough, R
ΡΚ-8026 Flush fit share for KARIOTAKI plough, L
ΡΚ-8027 Share 14’’ for SOKOTA plough
ΡΚ-8028 Share for ILIADIS plough
ΡΚ-8029 Share for OTMA plough
ΡΚ-8122 Share for KARIOTAKIS plough, R (NEW TYPE)
ΡΚ-8123 Share 12’’ with holes

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